How Do You Charge an Electric Car?

Electric vehicles, you've probably seen them on the road, but you may not even realize you were looking at an electric powered vehicle (EV). Today's EVs are becoming sleeker and more convenient for drivers everywhere; so are their charging stations.

It's one thing to buy an EV to enjoy the environmental benefit of Zero Tailpipe Emissions, but you may wonder, "how on earth do you charge that?"

It's not as complicated as it seems!

There are three main places drivers charge their electric vehicle: at home, at work or at a pubic EV station. For our purposes, we’ll stick to the EV public station method.

Step 1: Finding an EV Charging Station

Finding an EV station can seem daunting to some, but most locations can be found through a simple internet search or through an app such as PlugShare. Depending on the station, there may be fees for charging.

Step 2: Plug it in!

Unlike conventional vehicles, the fueling point for an electric car is usually at the front. It's important that you know what type of charging port your vehicle has. Different EVs need different parts, just like any other electronic device. For example, you wouldn't use an iPhone charger on a Samsung, and you certainly wouldn't use a micro-USB to charge your laptop. You can find this information from your car's dealership or manufacturer. Charging stations offer various power levels, which can affect the speed of your charge, as well as charging plugs and adaptors to accommodate multiple brands of EVs.

Step 3: Charge it up

Some electric vehicles may take longer than others to charge based on the battery's max charging rate. The higher the rate, the more miles of charge per hour you'll get. EV chargers also vary on a level system which determines just how fast you'll be able to charge up. For example, a Level 2 charger will charge much slower than a DC Fast Charger.

Electric vehicles aren't such an intimidating investment as they once were. With an increase in availability of charging locations, EVs are becoming a more viable option for many drivers. Trillium and Love's plan to take our award-winning team and continue expanding fueling options for drivers like you. Click here to see how we plan to diversify our Customer's options further in the years to come!

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