No matter what fuel you need, Trillium can partner with you at any stage of your project development to help you maximize efficiency, cost savings and operating performance.

Trillium partners with fleets to plan, design, finance and build customized fueling solutions.

Our team starts by documenting the customer's daily operating profile and near- and long-term objectives. To be as transparent as possible, we provide our customers with an overview of projected capital expenditures, deployment timelines, annual fuel cost savings and total emission reductions so they can make fully informed decisions.

Trillium's engineers design energy- and cost-efficient solutions centered on our customers' needs. We manage discussions with the local utilities around any necessary infrastructure upgrades, secure all required site permits and coordinate with all permitting authorities (e.g., AHJs).

Trillium offers flexible financing solutions to offset the upfront capital expenditures associated with a new clean fuel station. Our team can also help customers identify grant and incentive opportunities and submit winning applications to secure funding. Trillium can also help your fleet take advantage of the economic benefits of lucrative RIN and LCFS credits.

We build our stations to handle the strains of heavy-duty fueling and conduct rigorous performance tests to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. To manage costs, we use Trillium's buying power to acquire superior equipment at wholesale prices.

Love's and Trillium Solutions: Design & Build a Fueling Station Brochure

Trillium’s stations run 10% to 20% more efficiently than our competitors’ stations due to our proactive approach to real-time monitoring, maintenance and service.

Our proprietary and proven smart controls optimize fueling, balance equipment loads and reduce the number of starts to decrease wear on equipment. Trillium stations typically operate 10% – 20% more efficiently than our competitors’ stations.

Trillium implements a strict maintenance schedule for every station component, maximizing uptime and reliability. Our 100+ staff technicians are certified by our major component suppliers and engage in continuing education.

Trillium’s 24/7 service center boasts impressive availability and responsiveness. The team’s average answer time is 15 seconds. For critical service calls (e.g., impaired fueling, safety concerns), our local teams respond on-site within two hours or less.

Trillium’s 24/7 service team is covered by highly trained staff members who visually monitor equipment, answer incoming calls, respond immediately to faults and work with our local service teams to diagnose and repair issues.

Love's and Trillium Solutions: Operations and Maintenance Brochure

Trillium meets with customers quarterly to evaluate their evolving fueling needs and adjust equipment and energy supply, as needed.

Trillium offers account-based payment cards that enable customers to track individual driver fueling transactions, easily add or remove drivers and monitor costs via an online reporting tool.

Trillium holds regular check-in meetings with customers to review existing services, discuss any updates or adjustments needed and map out plans for future growth based on upcoming vehicle deployments.

Trillium designs “future-proofed” stations and can readily add or upgrade compressors, on-site storage, generators and other equipment to match operational demand.


Trillium can help your fleet understand its fuel cost and emissions reduction potential, as well as our public and private fueling options.