Who Is the Best Compressed Natural Gas Supplier for Fleets?

Are you looking for a compressed natural gas (CNG) supplier to play a vital role in your business and/or fleet's sustainability goals? Trillium has compiled a list of important characteristics to consider when determining the best compressed natural gas supplier for your fleet.

Financial Savings

With its stable price and sustainability benefits, fleets across the country are relying on CNG as an alternative fuel option. Trillium offers a diesel-minus pricing structure for Customers fueling at its public Fast-Fill CNG stations in order to lock in value over the term of their fueling contract. Aside from savings on the fuel itself and due to Trillium's buying power, we can often acquire parts and equipment at wholesale price and are able to pass that discount on to our customers for both retail fuel sales as well as new station builds.

CNG Infrastructure

From custom fueling station design and builds to networks of public access stations, your compressed natural gas supplier needs to have options available to meet any size fleet's needs. Trillium's in-house engineering team ensures your fueling station will not only be designed to meet the highest standards, but continue to operate at peak efficiency for years to come. Our experts are well versed in the virtual pipeline arena, too. There are multiple options available to support your CNG infrastructure requests.

Tank Fill Times

Time is money for fleets, which is why Trillium is proud to deliver Fast-Fill CNG stations nationwide. Having multiple compressors at our Fast-Fill CNG locations ensures significantly higher fill rates with a fast, reliable fill every time. Stations with Trillium's signature Hy-C can experience fill times as high as 24 GGE/Min and beyond.

Maintenance and Back Office Support

For fleets that operate during off hours or even 24 hours a day, it is crucial to have proper maintenance and back office support from your compressed natural gas supplier. An added bonus to partnering with Trillium is access to a 24/7 rapid response team, which is local to your fleet. Trillium's corporate team in Houston is also available to you for account, dispatch and card needs.

With more than 20 years of CNG experience and a large portfolio of diversified clients, Trillium has a track record of being an industry-leading compressed natural gas supplier. Contact a Trillium representative today to learn more about beneficial CNG options for your fleet.

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