Trillium Training Program Creates Opportunity for Mechanics to Expand Skill Set, Receive Promotions

When Randy B. began his Trillium career in Dec. 2016, he was excited to apply his robust skill set to the alternative fuels industry. At the same time, the curriculum was being finalized for Trillium's exclusive mechanic training program. Little did Randy know, he was getting in on the ground floor of what would be a career-boosting program for himself and his colleagues.

Coming to Trillium with an extensive mechanical and electrical background, Randy was equipped with many of the skills he needed to succeed as a Trillium Mechanic Tier I. Even so, 60 days into his career he was offered the chance to gain more knowledge and take part in Trillium's new training program. The program provides mechanics the opportunity to complete the training at no cost and allows them to become eligible for a promotion once they pass a proficiency test.

"Trillium knows how important it is to keep highly trained Mechanics that care about our Customers' stations as their own," said Joshua Edge, Director of Trillium. "We spent about a year working with our equipment manufacturers to put together a five-year training program that will keep our CNG stations safe, clean and well-maintained, exceeding industry standards."

Through the program, Randy has participated in classes online and attended training sessions in person. In May, Randy was promoted to Mechanic Tier II and is now pursuing his Mechanic Tier III certification.

"You're only as good as your toolkit," Randy said. "As a mechanic, it helps to know as much as you can."

Though the program is still in its infancy, mechanics are beginning to successfully complete the curriculum and promote. As they advance, mechanics are offered bigger bonuses and better pay.

With growth and advancement being hallmark traits for Love's, it's no surprise the company provides its employees the resources they need to grow and advance in accordance with Customers' needs. While investing in employees' individual learning, Trillium is also able to offer professional, certified mechanics to meet industry demands.

So far, more than 20 mechanics, including Randy, have been promoted to Mechanic Tier II. Achieving Mechanic Tier III and Senior Mechanic curriculums is more difficult and requires more course work, but Randy is up for the challenge. Even with his background knowledge and a promotion under his belt, Randy is excited to continue learning and expanding his industry knowledge.

"It's rare to find a company that will give you any and every opportunity to go and learn," Randy said. "Trillium opens the door for you - giving you the tools to pursue whatever you want to do."