Musket, Trillium Drive in Dollars for Texas Children’s Hospital

Musket Corporation and Trillium’s annual golf tournament raises $290,000 for area kids

Houston, May 9, 2018 - Leaders in the energy industry from Houston and across the country came together to support kids being treated at Texas Children's Hospital. Houston-based Musket Corporation, the trading and logistics arm of the Love's Family of Companies, and Trillium, one of the nation's leading providers of alternative fuels systems and renewable fuels, recently hosted its sixth annual Drive for a Child (DFAC) golf fundraiser at Topgolf in Houston. Approximately 300 people from 74 companies who frequently work with Musket and Trillium attended the event that raised more than $290,000.

“It’s been a challenging year for our city as many people continue to recover from Hurricane Harvey, and we’re touched that our Customers and vendors showed their support for our community in this way,” said JP Fjeld-Hansen, vice president of Musket Corp. “We do business nationwide but Houston is our home. It’s important to us that we support our city, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our industry partners.”

Since 2013, DFAC has raised more than $1.39 million for Texas Children’s, the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. The annual event gives participants the unique opportunity to interact with a family benefiting from the dollars raised. Grace Anto, 10, and her family golfed and met with attendees. Grace’s diagnoses include coronal suture craniosynostosis, a premature fusing of bones in the skull resulting in restricted skull growth. Grace has had, and will continue to have, multiple stays at Texas Children’s for various facial surgeries. Grace’s mother told the group how much their continued support means to them.

“You’ll never look into the eyes of every child you help and you’ll never hug the shoulders of every parent you support but you’re all a part of their journey and you’re helping them succeed,” said Lynn Anto, Grace’s mother.

Texas Children’s is the largest children’s hospital in the United States and is recognized as a national leader in pediatric health. Support from companies like Musket Corp. and Trillium helps the organization continue its mission. 

“We are grateful for Musket and Trillium’s dedication to helping Texas Children’s Hospital create a healthier future for children and families in our community and beyond,” said Jennifer Smart, manager of philanthropy for Texas Children’s Hospital. “The unrestricted dollars they raise through Drive for a Child not only support our mission, but are invaluable to filling the gaps in challenging areas that are short in supply and often cannot be fulfilled by restricted funds.  With their help we are well positioned to address the ever-evolving needs of our patients, who are the true beneficiaries for their kindness.”

About Musket Corporation

Musket Corporation is part of the privately held Love’s Family of Companies specializing in commodity supply, trading and logistics across North America. Musket is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with additional offices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit

About Trillium

Trillium, a member of the Love’s Family of Companies, is a leading provider of renewable fuels and alternative fueling solutions, specializing in fuel supply, design, installation, and operation for innovative energy solutions.  Trillium’s alternative fuels offerings include compressed natural gas (CNG), hydrogen, and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure as well as low carbon energy supply from renewable natural gas, solar installation, and on-site electricity generation. For more than 20 years, Trillium has exceeded Customer expectations by delivering superior quality, reliability and dependability at more than 200 alternative fueling stations nationwide. Trillium specializes in designing, building, and operating these facilities, and provides 24/7 maintenance services for various types of professional fleets. Combined, Love’s Travel Stops and Trillium own 65 public-access CNG facilities. To learn more, please visit