Maryland Energy Administration holds ribbon cutting for Trillium CNG

Posted December 2, 2016
trillium cng ribbon cutting maryland

A grand opening ceremony was held Dec. 2 in Aberdeen, Maryland, in celebration of Love's Trillium CNG's fueling station at 635 Old Philadelphia Rd.

Representatives from Trillium, Maryland Energy Administration and Customer Frito-Lay were present as the community gathered to celebrate the public CNG facility.

MEA provided a $500,000 grant to assist with building the new compressed natural gas station, which was constructed by Trillium CNG.

maryland energy administration grant check

"With the help of the Maryland Energy Administration and Frito-Lay, we can continue our mission of providing fleets with clean fueling options," said Bill Zobel, general manager of business development for Trillium CNG.

trillium cng with customer frito lay

Dignitaries from the organizations and members of the local community also enjoyed a CNG fueling demonstration.

cng fueling demonstration

The opening of Trillium CNG's Aberdeen location was part of a larger expansion of stations from coast to coast.