Trillium CNG completes one of the largest rebuilds in company history

Trillium's hard work to impact thousands of Boston-area passengers who depend on public transportation

Every night, almost 300 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) buses arrive at one of three key sites to refill with CNG. Thousands of people in the greater Boston area rely on this affordable and convenient mode of transportation to get where they need to be. Well-maintained and functioning fueling stations keep the buses and the people who ride them on schedule. MBTA Customers can rely on good-as-new fueling stations that will allow this process to take place daily, and it's thanks to Trillium CNG.

Trillium CNG rebuilt nine MBTA compressors that fuel those buses at the sites. The equipment compresses natural gas to the correct psi for the buses' operating specifications.

"It was monumental," said Joshua Edge, general manager of Trillium CNG field operations. "We have a long-term contract with MBTA to operate and maintain their CNG fueling stations. This was part of the maintenance."

trillium cng team helping customers trillium cng operations team

Trillium CNG mechanics from all over the country were on-site to lend a hand during the six-week project to return the compressors to factory specifications, also known as a zero-hour service.

"It's similar to rebuilding an engine. They took everything a part and put it back together," said Edge. "Careful coordination between MBTA and Trillium CNG management was required to ensure there was no downtime and that all buses made their roll-outs as required."

trillium cng fixes compressors trillium rebuilds compressors

Trillium CNG's incredible year of growth continues. From the largest CNG contract in America to serving Customers in Minnesota, the Trillium CNG team continues making waves across the country.

cng field team

Our Trillium CNG team is delighted to serve Customers nationwide!

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