Internship at Trillium CNGs headquarters provides hands-on experience

Posted August 18, 2017
trillium interns visit cng station

On behalf of all the interns at Trillium CNG, thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful office, but most importantly to your team. As the summer of 2017 comes to a close, we would like to share our individual experiences with you.

Nayeli Pineda

The word I would use to sum up my time here at Trillium CNG would be unexpected.

Working at Trillium for the past two months as the commercial team intern has been an awesome experience! My duties were diverse and ever-changing.

Sometimes it' tough to recall everything I have done in the past two months, but some of the most-beneficial lessons I learned from the entire Trillium team:

First, always ask questions. There is no better way to learn than to ask questions, especially here at Trillium. This goes beyond the actual act. Trillium pushes you to be inquisitive, to think beyond the problem  being asked and dig for as much information as possible. And if you get stuck, there will always be a Jonathan, Bill, Ashley or Renee willing to help.

Second, the office is gorgeous, but the people inside the office are what truly make it shine. Everyone is extremely friendly and always willing to help, and that really speaks volumes of what Trillium is all about. Trillium is just one big team aiming to reach the finish line.

Brian Zhang

The word I would use to sum up my time here at Trillium CNG would be invigorating.

During my time at Trillium, I had the fantastic opportunity to work side-by-side with Gavin Gretter and Charles Love who are my supervisors in the RNG group. Throughout my internship, I learned about the oil and gas industry, specifically covering alternative fuels. I learned how to automate excel sheets through macros. I investigated potential revenue streams in RNG aside from RINs and valued investment strategies. My biggest takeaway is my ability to tackle any assignment despite previous lack of knowledge.

I know I can use the experiences gained in this internship to better prepare for my future internships/jobs. The joyful environment at Trillium truly defines the culture. Trillium is a true "work hard, play hard" company I would like to be part of in the future.

trillium cng interns laughing at corporate office

Marwan Hadwan

The way I would sum up my time at Trillium CNG in one word would be rewarding.

For the past two months, I worked under the supervision of Kris, Candice, Ashley, Val and Teri. It was a very dynamic team made up of account, marketing and commercial operation managers.

During this time, I worked behind the curtain with people like our marketing specialist Ashley to set up grand openings, contributed to the website and helped create an intern blog/video. The interesting part of all this was I never thought I would enjoy marketing and communications. I have become more and more invested in the projects she gave because they were so interactive and pushed me to do things I would have not done otherwise.

And as for Kris, Candice, Val and Teri, they always made themselves available and assigned me projects where they wanted me to come up with optimal solutions to the problems they faced. I helped create a few templates to calculate CPI adjustments, spreadsheets to track several types of work and learned how to navigate our internal networks. The things I enjoyed most working with this team was it pushed me to dust off technical skills I would have otherwise archived.

Aaron Adams

The word I would use to sum up my time here at Trillium CNG would be illuminating.

The time I spent at Trillium under the design and build team was very challenging yet rewarding. It enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and begin to learn things outside of what I am studying. The knowledge I gained under Carson and team is more valuable to me than I first would have thought. The personnel here is welcoming, informative, knowledgeable, passionate and solid team players who make it a point to always help in any way that they can.

From learning how to read engineering drawings to dealing with the craziness that is contractor/developer change orders, this internship kept me on my toes. I consider this experience to be both a valuable and priceless. This is the exact company I want to work for!

Our recruiters head out to colleges and universities this fall to find additional talent like these amazing interns mentioned above. If you want to learn more about Trillium CNG's and Love's internship program, click here.