CNG: 5 benefits for heavy-duty, refuse and transit fleets

truck powered by CNG on lakeside highway

Gasoline and diesel still power most vehicles on the road today. However, some alternative fuels that compete with traditional fossil fuels provide similar performance, lower fuel costs, and are much better for the environment and our national security. One of those alternative fuels is natural gas.

Trillium CNG is in the business of exceeding Customer expectations by delivering superior quality, reliability and dependability at more than 150 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations nationwide. We specialize in designing, building and operating CNG facilities, providing 24/7 maintenance services for various types of professional fleets.

We also know that not all heavy-duty, refuse and transit Customers are taking advantage of the savings and environmental benefits that an alternative fuel like CNG can provide. The U.S. Department of Energy published an overview of the benefits of using CNG on its Alternative Fuels Data Center website, and we wanted to share them with you.

5 Benefits of CNG as a Transportation Fuel

The U.S. Department of Energy publishes its Alternative Fuels Data Center(AFDC) online. The AFDC website provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits of using CNG as a transportation fuel. These include:

  1. Fuel Price: The price of CNG is inherently more stable than other fuels and is consistently cheaper than diesel, meaning that long-term budgeting is much simpler with CNG.
  2. Safety: According to the AFDC, the fact that natural gas is lighter than air causes it to dissipate quickly in case of an accident while a vehicle is fueling and is less likely to produce flames or an explosion than heavier liquid fuels.
  3. Vehicle Performance: The performance for natural gas engines and traditional engines are very similar. These measures include acceleration, speed and overall power.
  4. Emissions: Running on CNG as an alternative to conventional fuels can produce fewer Greenhouse Gasses (GHGs) and Tailpipe Emissions. Additionally, renewable natural gas (RNG or biomethane), produced through anaerobic digestion of organic materials, can be captured and burned cleanly; all resulting in environmental benefits on a local AND global scale.
  5. Vehicle & Fuel Availability: American manufacturers currently offer CNG packages for many light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.There are also hundreds of CNG stations across the United States with new locations opening at a steady rate. To see Love's and Trillium CNG's network of public locations, click here.

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